Dear buyers,
we decided to write this short mail to update you better on the production and let you better understand the reason for the delay.

Currently most of the frames are ready for the final phase and those not yet ready will be completed in the coming days.

The spindle factory has completed assembly and will be shipped this week. We are very happy with how they were made. We made a big step for the spindle by mounting 35mm bearings instead of the previous 22mm. The motors is a single large inrunner with a power almost doubled from the previous one.
They should arrive next week if everything goes according to plan.


In this new production we decided to use new Z-axis motors that used a connector for power cables. After a continuous 2-day stress test, however, we have seen that the connector is a weak point and the cables are broken inside. We have already bought the same motors but without the connector and are already on their way to us and should arrive on Tuesday 12.



At the same time we are also working on the new software that will allow many new features.
The programmer is working hard and the software is almost finished so it will be ready when we ship the machines.



We are working really hard on production and we should have finished solving the little problems that occurred during the production of this new EvoOne V2.
We are proud of how the new version is working and from some early milling tests we can tell you that it is really good.



We no longer want to tell you a shipping date but we will do everything possible to ship by December 31st (we hope first).

We preferred to deliver perfect machines even if this had to make you wait rather than send in some not perfect machines and make some calls.
We are sure that you too would have done the same.

We hope you will be patient again and your trust in us has not changed.
For us to be able to deliver the machines on schedule is perhaps more important than any other thing but we want to provide the best machine you can get.

To apologize for all this we will send tools and other accessories for each of you.

Andrea Pischedda