September Production Update

Hi everyone,
the production is going well and our small big evo-one begin to take shape!

The current status of the production to finish the first machines is the following:
1- Assemble the Z axis with his guides.
2- Assemble the spindle with the brushless motor.
3- Mill the spindle square tube coverage.
4- Mill the covering wooden panels.
5- Finish the Z axis wiring
6- Assemble all of the aluminum cover sheets.
7- Testing and packaging.
8- Preparation for shipping.





We also have a new small change to show you:
We added a small brush to stop dust and chips from the electronics department.



It’s a small change but we believe that details make the difference.

Since yesterday is also online the forum to start a community!
Now it is very basic but also will modify with your advice. If you have ideas, tell her!
The link where you can sign up and start to open the topic is:

We are missing very little to the delivery of the first machines, and we really hope you can understand what we’re working hard to do it!

 project video thumbnail

Thank you all!
MakerDreams team.