August Production Update and ETA

Hi everyone, it’s time for a bit of update!
The work is going well and we are going along well with the schedule.
They came still things and the time of shipments is getting closer!

-These are the Styrofoam packaging that we did produce, we will put 16 pieces for each machine! two out of every corner.
They have a special structure designed to cushion the impact from severe shocks.


-These are the cardboard boxes just arrived, we made reinforced cardboard and are very hard, ready to travel the world to bring your Evo-One at home!


-Plexiglas covers are finally arrived, made with a single sheet 5mm thick! it was difficult to find a company that made these pieces with the precision that we asked for this size! the sheet before being folded is large 50x100x5mm!


You asked for a report on the estimated date of delivery and we will try to explain what is missing to deliver the first machines:
We are now one step away from delivery of the first machines because we pretty much all the material in our workshop and all our efforts are dedicated to finish them.

The list of things to end up includes installation of the electrical systems, the setup and programming of the motherboard, the Z axis assembly, operating tests, the assembly of instrument panels in aluminum and wood, packaging and preparing to ship.

To try to send the entire first batch together we are doing all these operations to all ages together.

We want to give you a delivery date and UNLESS UNFORESEEN EVENTS deliver the first batch to DHL express courier within the next four weeks.

We prefer to remain wide this time with the estimated date because we do not want to repeat the previous mistake.
This time having everything in our workshop, if we have any further delay will only be our fault.
All other batches will follow after this first shipment with the addition of time of only assembling the components.

As we mentioned in another update we decided to send all your machines with the DHL express service and delivery will take place in just 3 days from date of shipment, worldwide.
In these days we will upload more photos of the current state of the machine.

We are extremely sorry for any delay we have but we are trying to do our best to give you your CNC with the quality that we promised!

We still want to thank you again for your support to us!
We are proud of what we’re doing and we consider you all as one big family.

Andrea Pischedda
and all the MakerDreams team.

Aug 18 2016