July Production Update

Hello everyone,

we finally have good news for you, because almost all of the materials arrived and we can start the final assembly of the first machines.

-The ballscrews repurchased, finally arrived.

-The electrical wirings have been completed and they are ready to be mounted on the machines.

-The custom motherboards arrived and we tested producing excellent results.


-All laser-cut aluminum sheets have been delivered and they are really beautiful.

-The italian wood for protective faces arrived.
-Also we designed and built a large cnc machine for milling wooden protective faces and other aluminum components for your Evo’s.



-In the next day’s we will receive the customized reinforced cardboard boxes and the custom packaging.

Sorry we didn’t post photos so far because we have been facing a technical issue due to components supplies and not concerning the production phase.
The production is doing well and now we will have truly the opportunity to update more often with the production state and building log of the machines.
Thanks to the components availability, we can show you more progress along the assembly line.

All backers are really important for us and we are trying to achieve something that fully respond to your expectations on Evo-One! We are confident that the extra wait will be worth it.

In the coming days we will post news and many more photos of the production
Thank you all for your comprehension.
Andrea Pischedda
and the MakerDreams team

Jul 26 2016