June Production Update

Hello to all,

it is a bit ‘of time that I write an update because we have very many things to do and we are busy all day in a thousand things.
We hoped to be able to write an update where we are going forward so we waited but unfortunately we failed and we decided to write now. Although it lacks very little time to get things moving and all the new pieces are coming.

– We were stuck in production because of the ball screw screws. The factory that produced them was wrong measures of the axes X and Z. For this we had to order it again and change manufacturer. These pieces will come to us next week. (In the picture the wrong screws and a part of the pre-assembled bases).


– The company that is producing all the mechanical parts in aluminum is again late with some important pieces. They assured us that soon will be finished and shipped to us (end of this week).

– ER11M shafts. We changed the spindle project to improve the quality with less vibration in addition to removing pieces that made it more complex during assembly. For this reason all ER11 shafts were purchased for the second time and we had to wait were remanufactured with the new changes (In the picture you can see the inside of the final spindle).


– The motherboards will come soon, we had to modify the connections and components and this has caused a delay in production.

When all the material will come to us we will do our utmost to complete the assembly of your Evo-One and try to minimize the delay.
We are sorry to delay deliveries, we studied everything in detail, but the in a large scale productions always hidden problems. However, we are sure to send you a product with quality features for a never seen before in a desktop CNC mill.

We know that you want more pictures of the production and assembly line, but we expect to show your cncmill when it will be more complete. We are doing a lot of work and I just think that every Evo-One is made up of many unique pieces that form a puzzle. Each component is like a key and all keys are very important, if even one of these keys is delayed our machine can not go forward.


We made some estimates for the delivery dates of the first machines, and if there are no other delays, we should be able to deliver by the end of July. Below are all the other batch, where we will try to retrieve as much as possible the lost time and decrease the gap on deliveries. We finally completed the accessories like the Vise and Double-Frame, they are very beautiful with the MakerDreams blue colorĀ and they work fine, thanks to your advice and suggestions.


Sorry if we are slow to respond to messages and doing the update, but for now we are still a few people. Unfortunately the total raised through kickstarter did not allow us to hire new guys like us, and we are to limit of the workload for existing staff.

From this time we will try to write an update every 2 weeks at most.
We hope you can understand our situation and we guarantee that as soon as we receive the last components we take a lot of picture of the production and assembly in progress. We are ready to complete the machines but the waiting times of our suppliers are not dependent on us unfortunately.

The MakerDreams Team.