The current state of play

Hello dear Backers,

Nice to write you again!
The Mill is going very well. Everytime we write an update we feel that EVO is more complete, more beautiful and ever closer to its final realization! We are proud and happy about what we’re doing. If we look back to the starting prototype now we see a mill improved, more powerful and more precise.
The tests we are doing confirm this. Every Maker knows that the best way to figure out if everything is okay is to put your hands dirty and try, try and try and than modify and change. So, there have been changes: under construction we find some problems in the spindle that prompted us to change many parts. For this reason we reordered new pieces to replace the one already received like the ER11 and all the internal block of the spindle, this allowed us to eliminate the internal coupler that caused noisy vibrations.
Now it is so nice!
Unfortunately these changes and improvements have had a cost: we have a little delayed the first shipments. Then Luck has not played on our side and there were other delays, not due to us:

-The Company that is building many parts of the mill (update 2 March) is very late on the delivery of the parts, which are indispensable to continue the Evo-One assembly. We are confident that all the material is going to arrive in the beginning of next week.

-It was difficult to find a company that had the suitable wood to required characteristics for your Evo-One. The order has been done but there are delays in delivery.

-Mother Board and wiring will arrive for the beginning of June, later than the date of delivery established with the supplier.

All this unfortunately will delay delivery especially for the Batch1 and a little for Batch2, while all the others will not be affected by this delay, because once production started at 100%, Evo-One will continue to be produced until the delivery of all ordered mills on Kickstarter.


We have chosen in recent weeks to give you the opportunity to aesthetically customize your Evo-One making you free to choose between two different coverage facades: wood veneered panels in Oak or veneered panels Matt white. This last option will make the aesthetics of your cutter even tidy and your Mill will be easier to clean in case of shallow dirt.
By default you’ll have the one in oak finish and if istead you want the white one, you gotta write us this choice.
We hope it will be an option appreciated by all of you Backers.

Kepp in touch, and we will bring up-to-date very soon!

The MakerDreams Team