Some progress…

Dear backers,

this month we have made many efforts to prepare the production of your Evo-One. The money raised here on kickstarter arrived about a week ago and we fixed all the bureaucratic things for our society in Italy.

We have completed the changes, and the controls to the original design of the Evo-One to make sure that every detail was perfect.
Another important change is that we decided to make our electronics, designed especially for our machine. This will also help us to control the spindle speed from g-code. Will also be released the project of our motherboard opensource.

In the coming days will be online also our forum for the community so you can begin to share ideas and projects.

There are thousands of things to do and we are running every day to get on with everything and meet deadlines.
We look forward to deliver your CNC milling machines to see your early work.

From now our updates will be more frequent, the most important part of our project is to organize everything and get ready for the production.

Best regards
The MakerDreams team!

Feb 15 2016